#067 – Anthony Lindsey Sessions Podcast – Anthony Lindsey and Greg Piper and Guest call Chris Dorian!

#067 – Anthony Lindsey Sessions Podcast – Anthony Lindsey and Greg Piper and Guest call Chris Dorian!

AHOY Listeners! SAY NOW! Friday October 04 – 2013 – What Say You?

I have a new Sponsor and Friend of the show – BerkeleyScreenPrint.com – If you have a t-shirt idea that you need printed and your artwork is ready, call them at 510-843-8555 or email: Print@BerkeleyScreenPrint.com – please Support my sponsors! Enjoy this free podcast session! Say now! Today, Friday October 04 – 2013 – Welcome to Lindsey Session #067 – 67 podcasts!

I want to Thank you all for listening. this started as something to learn from and show as online proof that I knew how podcats work. I do it all myself, sort of an audible resume so I can get hired as my dream job someplace cool. And I love this so much, I get to try new things, and show what I have learned. like in class, here I can “show my work.” you may recall a few podcasts ago, I was talking with Piper about learning Twitter. So a few days ago I was writing my web-series/tv show and I was listening to Greg Fitzsimmons from Fitzdog Radio, emmy winning TV writer and comedian. One of the 6-7 podcasters that I look up to, learn from, and listen to every week. I was writing and listening and I suddenly heard Greg Fitzdog Fitzsimmons mention me on his FitzDog radio podcast. Check it out:

[Clip of this "Punched In The Face" podcast from FitzDog Radio from Friday September 27, 2013 at 39:10]

Pretty Cool right listeners? I tweeted him some facts I knew after one of his podcasts and that I felt were important and that he had left out, and less than a week later, it paid off! I learned a bit about twitter too.

I am trying something new, so bear with me! I am releasing the podcast a little bit out of order, because I wanted to use the part where we Call Chris Dorian for a Guest Call-in Segment, my first attempt, and it went well! Greg and I had finished a show and we wanted to see how a call would go.

I now present it to you – Session #067. A Fresh new Session from last night with Guests Gregory Coates Piper and Chris Dorian! I first met Chris in the 5TH Grade, friends ever since!

Listen Now to Fresh Lindsey Session Podcast #067 as Greg and I and Chris discuss:

When your Flat Panel TV dies, Bankruptcy Questions and other panty-moistening topics, fixing your credit, the big Fresno cool-down, Bass Lake Stories, Family discussion, when you have to stalk Habitat for Humanity, Rest Stop Girls in Tales of a Top Wingman!

Coming up on the podcast in October, More Fresh Sessions with Greg, new content, new guests, Skype sessions, Guests call-in, Podcast Challenges and more Lindsey Session Tales of the Road! Teaser; Dead Horse Point! Stay Tuned!

For Lindsey Session Studios Podcasting Consulting – Email me at Anthony@anthonylindseypodcast.com or Follow me on Twitter @1AnthonyLindsey Tweet me a question for me or greg or a guest! – and on Facebook/TheLindseySessions or /SirAnthonyLindsey FaceBook me a question, I’ll answer it on the air!

My little Disciples Of Mayhem: Thank you so much for spreading the word, and listening, I can’t stop podcasting and I appreciate my listeners and all your support, Thank you for going to iTunes and subscribing and leaving 5 stars and an outstanding comment! If you haven’t – please do, it is conducive to climbing the charts and it helps me out of a jam!

Stay tuned for the Live Show announcement soon, it is in the works, I have ideas.

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Thank you so much and KEEP MOVING!


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